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Introduction To Pneumatic Industrial Handling Manipulator

The hard arm (ABS) pneumatic industrial handling manipulator is suitable for safely and efficiently grasping any object with different shapes and shapes. The grasping weight range is 10kg-500kg. According to different installation forms, it includes three types: vertical type, old crane fixed type and suspended object sliding type.


Maximum negative gain: 500kg

Maximum working radius: 3200om

Maximum lifting stroke: 2000m


AIndustrial handling manipulator can be safely and effectively applied to products of various sizes and materials.

BEach industrial handling manipulator is customized by customers and can be reasonably integrated into the application environment and cooperate with various equipment.

CTherefore, it improves the productivity of customers and meets the national labor security requirements for manual operation. Simple and functional design concept.

D The industrial handling manipulator and its fixture can rotate 360 ^ and use Le shrinkable air to control the balance of the manipulator by double pneumatic circuits under the condition of empty load.