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Advantages Of Destacker Gantry System

With the development of industrial technology, the replacement of workers by automated equipment has become the mainstream of industrial manufacturing. Among them, the gantry truss machine manipulator has achieved good results in material stacking and loading and unloading vehicles, loading and unloading during assembly or production, and the flow of semi-finished products between processes. Wide range of applications.

So, what are the advantages of the gantry truss manipulator?


Advantages of destacker gantry system

1. The work scope is large, which can realize unmanned work and reduce safety risks.

2. Reduce the workload and downtime in the production process and improve production efficiency

3. Controllable production capacity to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

5. Improve working conditions and eliminate boring jobs

6. One person can operate multiple sets of equipment at the same time, reducing labor costs 

7. Help to solve the problem of difficult recruitment and employment of enterprises


Structure of destacker and transfer system

1. The gantry truss manipulator consists of three parts: fixed support structure, motion mechanism and control system;

2. The gantry truss manipulator includes X-axis movement, Y-axis movement, Z-axis movement and multiple degrees of freedom of manipulator hand rotation;

3. The gantry truss manipulator is equipped with different mechanical grippers according to different product characteristics and completion requirements, and has a wide range of applications.

The benefits of the gantry truss manipulator


The gantry truss manipulator / destacker gantry system can replace workers to perform heavy, monotonous and dangerous work, and can operate repeatedly without interruption, which greatly improves the labor productivity of enterprises while improving the level of automation. The gantry truss manipulator can engage in monotonous, arduous and even dangerous work, and can tirelessly carry out operations such as handling, loading and unloading, and stacking. It can effectively prevent workers from being hurt during the operation, so as to realize unmanned operation.

Efficiency and quality are important factors that determine the competitiveness of enterprises. The gantry truss manipulator has a high degree of accuracy, consistency and reliability in use. Therefore, the use of truss gantry manipulators can not only improve product quality and stability, but also work non-stop. To a large extent, improve productivity and reduce business costs. The programmable system of the gantry truss manipulator makes it have the function of work diversity, which can greatly improve the adaptability of enterprises to market demands.