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What Can Packaging Gantry Robots Do Instead Of Manual Work

The Packaging Gantry Robots can imitate human hands to complete many difficult actions to achieve different operations. It can carry and stack fixed items, and can also grasp and assemble spare parts on the assembly line. Instead of manual labor, it not only improves work efficiency, but also ensures more personal safety. The following is an analysis of the specific actions that the truss manipulator can replace:


1Grasping objects, clamping and releasing operations

The Packaging Gantry Robots can complete the simple function of grasping objects. The upper computer gives the range coordinates that the arm can grasp, and adjusts the angle and height. The gantry robots can realize the automatic operation of grasping objects. In the whole process, it can realize the action operations such as accurate grasping and clamping, so that the accuracy of grasping objects is high, and the objects will not fall or fall. It can often be used in many processing plants or electronic factories to grab and package all kinds of goods.


2Translation, ascending and descending operations

The use of gantry robots can also complete various operations such as translation, rise and fall. For example, the common warehouse stacking needs to use the action of translation, rise or fall. It takes a long time and requires a lot of labor to complete stacking manually. Therefore, the use of packaging gantry robots can not only reduce the labor intensity, but also quickly and effectively complete the stacking of goods in different industries. Ensure that the objects are neat and orderly and will not be stacked disorderly on the tray. It is also commonly used for complex structural construction operations in engineering buildings, such as arches or walls, and the vertical stacking operation can also be completed by packaging gantry robots.