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Application Of Automatic Loading And Unloading Manipulator In The Industry

What Is material handling.

With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, the development and production of robots has become a rapidly developing emerging technology in the high-tech field. The manipulator is an automatic device with the function of grasping and moving the workpiece used in the automatic production process. It is a new type of device developed in the process of mechanization and automatic production. Manipulators can replace human beings to complete dangerous, repetitive and boring work, reduce human labor intensity and improve labor productivity. In the machinery industry, it can be used for assembly of parts, handling,automatic loading and unloading of processed workpieces, especially in automatic CNC machine tools and combined machine tools.

Types of material handling system,Types of material handling equipment.

The automatic loading and unloading manipulator is mainly combined with CNC lathes (CNC milling machines, machining centers, etc.) to form a production line, combining mechanical design, mechanical principles, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical transmission and control, sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLC), electronic technology, automatic Control, mechanical system simulation and other knowledge to realize the automation of the processing process (loading, processing, unloading). At present, my country's manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, more and more capital flows to the manufacturing industry, and more and more manufacturers join the manufacturing industry. The automatic loading and unloading can be applied to the workshop of the processing factory to meet the requirements of installing and unloading the workpiece during the processing of CNC machine tools and machining centers, thereby reducing the labor intensity of workers, saving auxiliary processing time, and improving production efficiency and productivity.

The automatic loading and unloading manipulator can imitate part of the actions of the human hand, and realize automatic grasping, handling or operating automatic mechanical devices according to the given program, trajectory and requirements. At the beginning, the structure of the manipulator was relatively simple, and the speciality was strong. It was only the automatic loading and unloading device of a certain machine tool, and it was a special manipulator attached to the machine tool. Now with the development of industrial technology, it can be independently controlled by program to realize repeated operation, and the scope of application is relatively wide. Since the automatic loading and unloading manipulator can quickly change the working procedure and has strong adaptability, it has been widely used in small and medium batch production that constantly changes production varieties.