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What Is An Automatic Manipulator

What is automated material handling,make an easy about materials handling.

Automatic manipulator is an automatic operating device that can imitate some action functions of human hands and arms to grasp and carry objects or operate tools according to fixed procedures. Automatic manipulator can replace people's heavy labor to realize the mechanization and automation of production. Automatic manipulator can operate in harmful environment to protect personal safety. Therefore, automatic manipulator is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry, atomic energy and other departments.

 How to material handling.

Automatic manipulator is mainly composed of hand and motion mechanism. The hand is a part used to grasp the workpiece (or tool). According to the shape, size, weight, material and operation requirements of the grasped object, there are many structural forms, such as clamping type, supporting type and adsorption type. The motion mechanism enables the hand to complete various rotation (swing), movement or composite movements to realize the specified actions and change the position and posture of the grasped object. The independent motion modes of the motion mechanism, such as lifting, stretching and rotation, are called the degrees of freedom of the manipulator. In order to grasp an object in any position and orientation in space, it needs to have 6 degrees of freedom. The degree of freedom is the key parameter of manipulator design. The more degrees of freedom, the greater the flexibility and versatility of the manipulator, and the more complex its structure is. Generally, the special manipulator has 2 ~ 3 degrees of freedom.