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Advantages Of Automatic Material Handling Systems

The automatic material handling systems for loading and unloading adopts modular design, which can be combined in various forms to form multiple on-line production lines. The components include: column, beam (x-axis), vertical beam (Z-axis), control system, upper and lower silo system, gripper system, etc. Material handling systems each module is relatively independent of each other mechanically, and can also be combined arbitrarily within a certain range, which can realize the automatic production of lathes, machining centers, gear shapers, EDM machines, grinders and other equipment. 

1. Humanization: user operation is simple, convenient and comfortable.

2. Specialization: the material handling systems meets the industry quality standards.

3. Uniqueness: the material handling systems is used in different industries and different products, and has different handling methods, which are customized according to the situation.

4. Practicality: design a better scheme according to the actual situation of handling, which is reasonable, economical and cost-effective.

5. Safety: the material handling systems is closely related to the user, and the safety of the equipment is higher.

6. Quality: the quality of material handling systems is the foundation of survival. We always adhere to the principle of quality first and reputation first.