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Structure Of Industrial Manipulator

Industrial manipulator  is mainly composed of balance crane host, grab fixture and installation structure. The main machine of the balance crane is a device that keeps the weight in the air without gravity. Gripping fixture is a kind of equipment for gripping and transportation. The installation structure refers to the part used to support the whole unit according to the requirements. Different industries have different requirements for industrial pneumatic manipulator. In order to meet the operation of weight transfer in various industries, different types of balance cranes have been launched on the market. According to the different working principles of the industrial pneumatic manipulator, it is divided into arm type and soft cable type. According to the different bases used by the device system, it is divided into floor fixed type, floor mobile type, suspension fixed type, suspension mobile type, wall attached type and other methods. The pneumatic balance industrial pneumatic manipulator is divided into column type and suspension type. The main structure of the industrial pneumatic manipulator has three rotating nodes, one node can rotate 360 ° along its axis, one node can rotate 300 °, and the other node can rotate freely. Generally, the balance point of the pneumatic balance crane of pneumatic manipulator is composed of heavy load balance and no-load balance. The former is responsible for the balance of the weight on the balance crane, and the latter is responsible for the balance when there is no object on the balance crane. Both are in balance with or without a load. The weight can be lowered or lifted by external force.