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Application Of Lifting Manipulators

The lifting manipulator is safe, efficient and reliable. It can work in a variety of environments, such as flammable, explosive, high temperature and high radiation. The equipment is light in weight, simple in structure and easy to operate, and has no pollution to the environment. Therefore, the chemical industry, automobile industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and home appliance industry all use lifting manipulator equipment operation in production.

In the automobile manufacturing industry, pneumatic lifting manipulator equipment is often used. After the car is formed, it is generally large and heavy. When the vehicle moves between each process link and needs to be fixed between each link, it needs to be operated by a pneumatic lifting manipulator. When welding various parts of the car, due to the high degree of automation of the whole process, it is necessary to accurately locate the welding points, so it is necessary to move and fix the positions accurately. The pneumatic lifting manipulator plays an active and important role.

When the factory is assembling household appliances, semiconductors and other electronic products, it can be seen on the production line that all kinds of cylinders and air grabs, and it can be observed that many picture tubes and other items are grabbed and sucked by the vacuum adsorption disk pumped with air and transported to the fixed position to be assembled. At the same time, the pneumatic lifting manipulator is used in the food industry for the automatic packaging of fine powdery food and other items. It can be seen that pneumatic lifting manipulator is widely used.

The pneumatic lifting manipulator has the characteristics of simple operation, time-saving, labor-saving and high safety. The labor intensity of manpower is small, the mass of objects that can be carried is large, and the work can be carried out in the harsh environment of high temperature, high dust and high radiation. It has been widely used in chemical industry, automobile industry, home appliance industry and so on. Pneumatic lifting manipulator is the gospel of modern handling.