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Main Technical Parameters Of The Manual Manipulator

The main technical parameters of the general manual manipulator are as follows:

1) Control force (also known as arm force or load), that is, the weight of grasping and holding the workpiece, the operating force and the speed of the manual manipulator during operation

For, it is often necessary to indicate the control force at the limited speed.

2) Reaction speed, that is, the maximum operating speed of the pneumatic manual manipulator in the full stroke.

3) Stroke, that is, the range of motion stroke of the pneumatic manual manipulator.

4) Positioning accuracy refers to the accuracy of the pneumatic manual manipulator position setting and repeated positioning.

5) The positioning method can be realized by using travel switch, mechanical stop and various sensors.

6) The number of degrees of freedom refers to the number of degrees of freedom shared by the whole machine, arm and wrist. Generally, the coordinate form is given.

7) Transmission mode, that is, what kind of power source or transmission system is used.

8) Size and weight, that is, the size and limit weight of the pneumatic manual manipulator.

9) Safety refers to the safety and reliability of the pneumatic manual manipulator in case of heating and overload.

10) Program control mode and capacity.

11) Others, such as service life, power supply, cost, etc.