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What is a vacuum lifter

With the development of economy and the progress of science, all industries have made continuous progress. In order to buy a vacuum lifter with better quality and reasonable price, we need to have a certain understanding of it. Let me have a look.


1What is a vacuum lifter

The vacuum lifter is also known as another appellation of the vacuum air pipe hanger. What attracts people's attention is that it can flexibly lift the air pipe with very strong flexibility. Making such an air pipe must require special wear-resistant rubber material At the same time, this vacuum is affectionately called elephant trunk sling by the operator because its shape is similar to the elephant trunk The object is extracted by only one power, and it does not need to use other power, such as crane, mechanical arm, oil cylinder, etc. to lift the object. The operator only needs to use the control handle to control the vacuum of the system. The more vacuum, the higher the object is lifted, and the less vacuum, the object will be slowly put down. Its lifting speed can reach 70m/min


2Working principle of vacuum lifter

Firstly, connect the vacuum suction cup with the vacuum equipment (such as vacuum generator) through the connecting pipe, and then contact with the objects to be lifted, such as glass, paper, etc., and start the vacuum equipment suction to generate negative air pressure in the suction cup, so as to firmly suck the objects to be lifted, and then start to transport the objects to be lifted. When the object to be lifted is transported to the destination, it is smoothly inflated into the vacuum suction cup, so that the negative pressure in the vacuum suction cup becomes zero pressure or slightly positive pressure, and the vacuum suction cup is separated from the object to be lifted, thus completing the task of lifting and transporting heavy objects.