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Analysis On Positioning Accuracy Of Truss Manipulator

Positioning accuracy of truss manipulator as the truss manipulator belongs to high-precision equipment, we need to carry out precision calculation and checking calculation for the truss manipulator during design. Therefore, the manipulator produced has high requirements for early processing accuracy, so the positioning accuracy of the manipulator has relatively small error during operation. At present, the positioning accuracy of the truss manipulator can reach 0.02mm, and the repeated positioning fine setting cap can reach 0.01mm. Therefore, the accuracy and stability of the truss manipulator are also very high, which can meet the current loading and unloading requirements of the truss manipulator. There is no reason to worry about it. What factors will affect the and accuracy of truss machinery? Let's take a look at the following:


A. Rigidity of truss manipulator structure: low structural strength and rigidity in the design of truss manipulator will produce vibration, resulting in low positioning accuracy;

B. Moving weight: including the weight of the manipulator itself and the grasping workpiece. In the design of truss manipulator, the rigidity of the manipulator is generally determined according to the weight of the workpiece. The heavier the weight of the workpiece I pull and grasp, the greater the inertia, so the positioning accuracy will be reduced when the weight of the moving part increases;

C. Influence of control and positioning mode on accuracy: when the positioning mode adopts stop positioning, the positioning accuracy will be related to the strength of stop and the running speed of truss manipulator, and the positioning of servo motor is greater than that of stop; When hydraulic and pneumatic control is adopted, the pneumatic and hydraulic pressure will fluctuate due to the influence of air temperature, and the stability of servo control is greater than that of pneumatic and hydraulic control;


Generally speaking, the positioning accuracy of truss manipulator is theoretical accuracy, and the actual application accuracy should be determined by the weight of the workpiece. Because different product weights and different positioning and driving methods will affect the operation accuracy of truss manipulator, it is necessary to select manufacturers with mature experience when purchasing truss manipulator, so as to ensure the rigidity of the designed manipulator, So as to ensure the positioning accuracy of truss manipulator.