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Advantages Of Gantry Style Robots In Grasping And Handling

At present, with the more and more extensive application of various manipulators, the production, processing and production lines in many workshops gradually begin to choose equipment to replace manual repetitive work. Therefore, at this stage, gantry style robots have become the main automatic equipment to replace manual work on the automatic production lines of many parts and other products, The following small braid will show you the advantages of gantry style robots in grasping and handling in replacing workers:


a. Multiple degrees of freedom of truss manipulator:

The gantry style robots has the advantage of working at any angle, which is often referred to as the degree of freedom. The degree of freedom means that the manipulator can act at any angle within a certain range. This advantage has also become that the gantry style robots can meet the production and manufacturing needs of more refined goods. It is also because of the advantage of multi degree of freedom that the gantry style robots can be used in the workshops of many high-precision parts manufacturers.


b. Control system of truss machinery:

Because the process flow and operation methods for product production and processing in each workshop are different, the truss manipulator takes into account the application problems in different places in the design. Therefore, the gantry style robots can carry out grasping and moving according to the changed program code according to the repeated programming and programming changes in the middle and later stages, and the automatic control maintains that all operations are carried out according to the program.


c. Diversified use:

The gantry style robots is flexible and intelligent. Because different gripper tools can show different uses, major workshops can select different gripper tools of gantry style robots according to the specific production and processing needs of goods and products to show the different uses of gantry style robots, which can be used to solve the production, processing and manufacturing needs of various goods.


Therefore, the advantages of gantry style robots come from different levels. The first is that the multi degree of freedom trajectory can easily solve the production and processing of goods from many angles, and the second is that the program code can be changed according to the manufacturing needs to meet the specified action requirements of product manufacturing. Both gantry style robots and stamping die manipulator can maintain the function of purpose change, With the different matching grasping tools, it reflects the advantages of diversified dynamic energy, so the advantages of gantry style robots grasping and handling are also obvious.