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Advantages And Application Of Balance Crane

The balance crane is a kind of auxiliary machinery which is convenient for human operation, has a relatively single working place and a relatively fixed working position. It is widely used in the assembly line of the production workshop. The balance crane shall be used in the following areas:

Application field 1: in the production line of vehicle and ship manufacturing industry such as automobile, bus, motorcycle and ship, due to the frequent tightening of screws, nuts and nuts, it can be tightened by hanging manual screwdriver and electric screwdriver with balance crane to complete the assembly of various vehicles.

Application field 2: the balance crane can also hang the welding gun, so it can also be used to weld accessories in oil fields, mines, buildings, machine manufacturing and other work.

Application field 3: in mold, casting, sheet metal, glass manufacturers and other manufacturers, balance cranes are used to process workpieces up and down, which is convenient for personnel operation.

In a word, the balance crane can be used in the workplace where manual tools or hoisting equipment are used, which can save labor cost, reduce work intensity, and greatly improve the work efficiency of operators.