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Features Of Post Mounted Jib Crane

The Post Mounted Jib Crane is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses the principle of four-bar linkage mechanism. It is a pair of balance system composed of load and balance breeding structure to lift goods; The balance crane can select a variety of lifting appliances to form a three-dimensional space lifting load to lift goods and reach the purpose of transportation. The balance crane is very sensitive in lifting and is often used to lift some small goods. It is widely used in factory workshops, for the installation of various parts, and for the lifting of goods in warehouses and docks.

Characteristics of balance crane

1. The operation is simple and convenient. The user only needs to hold the object by hand, press the button or change the handle to make the object move in three-dimensional space according to the orientation and speed required by the operator. The weightless balance crane has the function of controlling the speed of the moving object according to the operator's willingness and the feeling of the hand.

2. The operation of the hoist crane is stable. Because its arm is rigid, the lifted object moves smoothly.

3. The engine crane has a large load. The operator can lift tens of kilograms to hundreds of kilograms of heavy objects, and the operator can easily move the lifted objects with only 2-4 kilograms of force.

4. The engine crane has good safety performance. The transmission system of the balance crane is equipped with protective equipment and safety equipment when the load is too high. In case of overweight and sudden power failure, it can avoid the falling of suspended objects.