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Classification And Application Of Balance Crane

The balance crane is a new type of material hoisting equipment. It uses a unique screw lifting mechanism to lift heavy objects and replace human labor to reduce labor intensity.

Basic classification

The basic classification of balance crane can be roughly divided into three categories. The first is Electronic Manipulators, which is the most common Cantilever Crane, that is, the motor drives the screw rod to rise to lift goods; The second is pneumatic balance crane, which mainly uses air source to suck up goods, so as to realize lifting. The third is the hydraulic Bridge Crane, which is generally used to lift heavier goods.  

Operation function

1. With its "balanced gravity", the balance crane makes the movement smooth, labor-saving and simple operation. It is especially suitable for post processes with frequent handling and assembly, which can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

2. The air balance crane has the functions of air cut-off and misoperation protection. When the main air supply is cut off, the self-locking device works so that the balance crane will not fall suddenly.

3. The air balance crane makes the assembly convenient, fast and accurate. The materials are suspended in three-dimensional space within the rated stroke. The materials can rotate up, down, left and right manually.

4. The operation of the balance lifter hanging fixture is simple and convenient. All control buttons are concentrated on the control handle, which is connected with the workpiece material through the fixture. Therefore, as long as the handle is moved, the workpiece material can follow.