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Advantages and characteristics of power assisted manipulator

The manipulator adopts the balance principle of force. Through the air pressure generated by the air compressor, the materials are suspended during lifting or falling, reaching 0 gravity. The buttons on the manipulator realize the functions of easy transfer, accurate positioning of workpieces and multi-directional operation. It has the characteristics of wide variety of materials, simple operation, safety and efficiency.

1. The power assisted manipulator is safe and reliable, which greatly reduces the safety characteristics of industrial accidents: 1) the air cut-off protection device adopts one-way valve and air storage tank to ensure that the fixture will not suddenly loosen after the sudden air cut-off of the manipulator, objects will not accidentally fall and hurt people, and can provide continuous and stable working pressure; 2) misoperation protection device: load protection to ensure that when the workpiece is not placed in the specified position, even if it is considered that the fixture will not be released by operating the release button, which can effectively prevent the workpiece from being released without human action; 3) Brake device: a brake device is set at the chain joint of the manipulator to prevent the manipulator from rotating or loosening. It is used to park the manipulator after the party work. The soft cable manipulator automatically starts the brake when it moves up and down too fast to lock the up and down movement of the steel wire rope; 4) Load bearing limit protection device: when the manipulator grabs the overweight wage, the manipulator sends out an alarm and cannot be lifted. 5) Low pressure alarm device: when the air source works abnormally, it will detect in real time and give a safety warning signal in time to remind the operator to take measures quickly; 6) Pressurization device: when the on-site air source pressure is not high or unstable, pressurization can be selected for sale. It can improve the working pressure of the air source and ensure the normal operation of the system. 7) Anti rebound technology: it can help the manipulator not offset or rebound when the load weight changes, so as to reduce the occurrence of potential serious injury accidents; 8) Explosion proof: suitable for working in special environment.

2. Levitation, no impact force and no rebound force: it can ensure flexible docking during product assembly and avoid impact and rebound force during operation of ordinary lifting equipment,

3. Accurate positioning: in zero gravity suspension state, it ensures that the product can move and accurately locate at any time during docking.

4. Deep humanity: the manipulator fixture can cross obstacles and send the workpiece into the machining center and other machines to complete material grasping.

5. Protect the workpiece surface to ensure that the workpiece surface will not be scratched.

6. Energy saving, the whole machine does not need power supply. All work can be completed by a pipeline connected to 0.6pa air source, and the air is inexhaustible.

7. The integrated control handle makes it easier for operators to operate the manipulator.